Frequently asked questions

 ACW Transport LLC is a service for the owner operator.  If we don't answer your question below please email ACW Transport LLC or call 563-554-3458
  1. 1
    How do I sign up to work with ACW Transport LLC
    Fill out and submit the carrier / lease on application and email to acwtransportllc@gmail. The applications are found under the Dispatching Tab and Leases Tab.
  2. 2
    What do I need to sign up with ACW Transport LLC?
    1. MC & DOT Authority, IRP, IFTA decals 2. Insurance showing $1,000,000 liability & $100,000 cargo 3. CDL / License 4. W9 - 5. Empty weight ticket
  3. 3
    What types of trucks/trailers do you dispatch for?
    Hotshot Flatbeds with at least 35' or longer, Power Only, 53' Dry Van & Reefers, 48' Flatbeds, etc.. You must go OTR for 2-3 weeks at a time and follow the money.
  4. 4
    How soon can you put my truck / trucks to work?
    Once we get back the carrier / lease application with all appropriate documentations, we will assign you a dispatcher and have you on the road in 1 - 2 business days.
  5. 5
    How do I get paid?
    We highly recommend a factoring company for faster payment. You will be paid directly from you factoring company within 24 hours or less, or from the broker/shipper directly.
  6. 6
    How do I pay your dispatching fees?
    We have several ways you can pay: Debit/Credit Card (3% charge), VEEM (free), Cash App (free), Check or Wal-Mart Money Gram.
  7. 7
    Why should I use ACW Transport LLC to dispatch loads for me?
    We are here to make your job easier by looking for loads for you so you can concentrate on driving and moving the freight. We fight for the best price and don't accept cheap freight.
  8. 8
    What if I don't have the equipment you suggest?
    Give ACW Transport LLC a call and let us know what you do have and we can go from there. We are flexible as long as everyone can make money.
  9. 9
    How do I get my own authority?
    Click on Get My Authority for more Info and for ACW Transport LLC to file for your authority for a fee. Also to file yourself go to Dispatching tab and click on Authority Checklist.
  10. 10
    Are you forced dispatch? Can I take my own loads?
    NO ACW Transport LLC is not a forced dispatch and you may get your own loads. We ask if you do this to let us know so we aren't overbooking you. Communication is the key to great success!
  11. 11
    Why lease on instead of getting my own authority?
    The main reason is the business end is all completed for you and the MC # is older. It cost the same to lease on as it does to get your own authority..
  12. 12
    What is the percentage to lease on with ACW Transport LLC?
    We charge 15% and the Owner gets 85% of invoice 100% of the fuel surcharge goes to the owner.
  13. 13
    Can you help me get my own authority?
    Yes we can apply and file for your MC, Dot, UCR, BOC3 for you for a price. See Get My Authority for more information. Cost is $605.99 for everything.