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Driver VS Dispatcher - Video

This is a great video from Life As A website that explains alot.

"Most trucking companies have enough freight to keep you running so why is it that you don't get more miles.  Well in this video I talk about one reason that your miles might be limited and how to fix it." By Life as a trucker.

Understanding the Life of a Trucker

"Truck driving is a career choice like any, however trucking requires tailoring a lifestyle completely around a job. The schedule of a typical trucker is going out on the road for several weeks at time, and then having a few days home, which is called Hometime. This schedule is perhaps one of the hardest aspects for new truckers and his or her family. There are not many other jobs that require being away from family and friends on a daily basis during most weeks, aside from military or oilfield workers. So, truck driving is pretty much in a league of its own as a career choice for a family man or woman. The inability to participate in daily life and the solitude can take a toll on anyone; however, this is a part of the position as an Over-the-Road or OTR driver."  Quoted from