Get Your Own Carrier Authority

What Is Required?

All new entrant Motor Carriers must submit an application package to obtain both a DOT Number and an MC Number. 

After the initial application has been submitted, before the authority will be granted a BOC-3 Blanket Agent listing must be filed. This is a representative agent in each state upon whom court papers may be served in any proceeding brought against a motor carrier, broker, or freight forwarder.  Your insurance company must file proof of liability insurance.

How Much Insurance Is Required?

The FMCSA minimum requirement for insurance is for $1,000,000 of liability insurance and $100,000 of cargo insurance.   

How Fast Can I Get My Own Authority?

As long as you get your insurance recorded no later than 10 business days from when your motor carrier application is submitted, your authority will be issued on the 15th business day.

How We Can Help.

We will file the application package for you electronically and obtain both your DOT Number and MC Number the same day we file and handle the Process Agent Filing (BOC-3). We will be available to help you in any way we can and answer any questions you might have before, during and after the application process. We are available for you 7 days per week so getting an application started or questions answered on a weekend is not a problem.

Should I setup an LLC (Limited Liability Company)?

Setting up a corporation or an LLC is an option you should consider because it can protect you from personal liability if something bad happens. If you are planning on setting up an LLC for your business you can file for your authority at the same time the LLC is being formed. 

If you decide to form an LLC company, we can help you determine if the name you want to use is available before you file for your authority. We can also answer questions you may have and help you get your company formed and coordinate that with the filing for your authority. You are welcome to call us 7 days a week and we will be happy to answer your questions.

What else do I need?

You need to file a Universal Carrier Registration {UCR). This registers your company to operate in the 41 states that require it. The UCR replaced the Single State registration that used to require registering in each state individually. The registration is required every year and the cost goes up in steps based on how many trucks you have.

We can typically handle this for you a day or two after we file for your motor carrier authority or you can wait until you are ready to operate. The cost is $64.23. for 1 or 2 trucks. The cost increases in steps as your fleet size increases. This registration must also be done at the end of each year for the following year.

Ready To Get Started?

You can call and give us the information over the phone but it is better to take a few minutes and complete the following application form. This will give us the basic information that is needed and eliminates the chance of spelling errors. When you submit the form, please call us so we can review it with you and we need to talk about the cargo classifications you anticipate hauling. Then, if you are ready, we can file for your authority and we will have your DOT and MC numbers in a few hours.

Application for Motor Carrier Authority

Shown below is an application that will provide us with basic information that is needed to file for your authority.

After completing the form, please contact us at 563-639-8016.

Filing Fees:  $202.36 will appear on your credit card statement as "ACW Transport LLC".
Authority:  $300.00 filing fee charged by the Federal Motor Carrier Service Administration (FMCSA).

BOC3:  $39.00 for your BOC-3 Charged by

UCR: $64.23 registration fee for your UCR license for 2018. The UCR can usually be completed in one or two business days after your request for motor carrier authority has been submitted.

Total Cost for Filing Fee, MC, DOT, BOC3, UCR is $605.99.  Everything will be sent in an email to you when completed within 24 -48 hours.
Type of Authority: DOT, MC or Both
UCR - Yes or No
Your Phone Number
Your Name
Applicant 1: Name and Title
Applicant 2: Name and Title
Type of Business: Sole Proprietor, LLC, Inc., Partner
State of Incorporation:
Business Name
Business Phone
Cell Phone
Fax Number
Social Security Number
EIN / Federal Tax ID
Type of Authority: Interstate or Intrastate
Physical Address: Street, City, State, Zip
Mailing Address: Street, City, State and Zip
Number of Trucks & Type of Truck
Number of Trailers & Type of Trailer
How Many Drivers:
How many will have CDL
What type of cargo will you be hauling?
Do you have Hazmat? What is the permit Number?
Call Christine at 563 639 8016 when you submit form to talk  about your needs and to submit your payment.
Authority Application
Click on Authority Application if the form above doesn't work.  Fill out and email back to [email protected]