How To Start A Trucking Business

Trucking, the company, has franchise opportunities for providing delivery via flatbed truck, straight truck, LTL, cargo van and even air charter. Individuals with an eye for logistics and a mind for business can start a trucking business by following a few strategic steps. 

  1. Do your research !!!!!!!!
  2. Create a business plan - . Outline all your ideas and plans for your business, including your mission, goal and marketing ideas. According to the Small Business Adminstration, your business plan is a living document containing all the ideas you have for your business.
  3. Register your business. Decide which business entity you are creating--a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC or corporation. Visit to apply for your employer identification number and obtain valuable tax information
    1. I would suggest an LLC to protect your personal finaces from your business finances
  4. Decide on which type of vehicles will best suit your business. Use your business plan as a blueprint for building your company. Determine which avenue of delivery is appropriate for your business’s mission. Purchase vehicles that will transport your goods both safely and promptly.
    1. Hotshots we recommend  a dually one ton truck and  40' flatbed trailer.
    2. Have a Class A CDL

Once you have your researh completed, and your business plan written you are ready to register your business with Federal and State.

  1. File for LLC, EIN, Buisness Lisence - We Can do this for you for $500.00
    1. Choose a Name for Your LLC - The name of your LLC must comply with the rules of your state's LLC division.
    2. File Articles of Organization.
    3. Create an LLC Operating Agreement
    4. Publish a Notice (Some States Only)
    5. Get Licenses and Permits
    6. File for your EIN/Federal Pin # - Visit to apply for your employer identification number and obtain valuable tax information.
    7. Business Licenses with your state
  2. Purchase your truck & trailer.  With a business EIN # you don't have to pay taxes
  3. Have a class A CDL
  4. File your FMSCA Authority - We can do this for you for $605.99
    1. Dot
    2. MC
    3. BOC3
    4. UCR
  5. Heavy Vehicle Use Tax - Applies to all trucks that weigh more than 55,000 pounds (Hotshots don't need this)
  6. Get your Commerical Insurance - $1,000,000 Liability & $100,000 Cargo
    1. Have your insurance agent file BMC-91 form to FMCSA
  7. Get IRP Plate & IFTA Stickers - go to your commerical DOT to get this items NOT your local DMV.

Once you have all this completed and your MC# becomes activated you are ready to hit the road.  This can take up to 30 days with no issues. The average cost to start up your business, without purchasing truck & trailer, is $5000 or more depending on the deposit your insurance company required.  Now add the purchase of a truck & trailer, and money set aside for fuel, repairs, and maintenance until the money starts coming in.